About us

When you can’t find what you’re looking for, try MyPicnic

We started MyPicnic when we were looking for fresh and quality salads for our small diner.

Today we have long exceeded the needs of our diner, but as in the beginning, our goal continues to be quality first.

We already know how to do what we are looking for and we offer it to you: a wide list of salads, snacks, mayonnaise and sauces in various packagings to satisfy every need and whet every appetite.

Always fresh

We offer salads, snacks, mayonnaise and sauces, which we deliver in a short time with refrigerated transport to ensure that our customers receive the same quality that comes out of our production plant.

Colorful flavors

Our extensive list of products brings together a variety of popular recipes, tried and tested combinations and traditional flavors that we have selected to wake up your appetite.

Tried and tested recipes

Our families are part of the whole production process and we all work together carefully so we achieve the best possible taste.

A variety of packages

With our variety of cuts we strive to satisfy every need – both that of the small diner and that of the large restaurant, but first and foremost the end user.


FSSC 22000 (BG)

FSSC 22000 (EN)

Where to find us

Buy our products from the commercial network in Sofia

You can also find us at:


Sofia city,
142 Lomsko Shosse Blvd.


The shops of Lidl


Fantastico stores


The shops of 345


The shops of ProMarket

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Buy our products from the commercial network in Sofia

You can also find us at: